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Athentech Perfectly Clear 1.7.1 For Photoshop (32- 64 Bit) [Chin Serial Key Keygen




Perfectly Clear is a plugin designed to help photographers to improve the quality of their photos in many ways.With the use of various filters the photographer can easily edit photos in the most amazing way by adding a colorful background, dehazing, blurring the background or much more. This plugin was specially developed for use with the Adobe Photoshop but also allows the user to enjoy the program with many other alternatives.All the actions are included in the program and the user can choose which action he or she want to use. The user can customize the plugin to fit his or her needs.It is also easy to change the parameter to meet the user's requirements. The user can also design the window of the plugin which will be the interface between the user and the program. Moreover, The program's license key is included for free.It means that the user will not have to buy this awesome program. And more importantly the user will be able to enjoy all the features of the program for free.It will be quite fair for the user to enjoy the program. The program is compatible with all versions of the operating system and the user can enjoy the program for any version of the operating system.The only requirement of this program is the operating system that the user wants to run. Another great feature of the program is that the user can download it for free. In other words the user can download it for free and use it without any costs. The user can download the program for free and enjoy its various features. Some features of the program are listed as follows: 1- Color background adding 2- Color background darkening 3- Color background blur 4- Background lightening 5- Background darkening 6- Background color customization 7- Color and gradient background 8- Blurring the background 9- Blurring the background 10- Blurring the background 11- Blurring the background 12- Color Background color 13- Color background desaturation 14- Color background desaturation 15- Color background desaturation 16- Color background desaturation 17- Color background desaturation 18- Color background desaturation 19- Color background desaturation 20- Color background desaturation 21- Blurring the background 22- Blurring the background 23- Blurring the background 24- Blurring the background 25- Blurring the background 26- Blurring the background 27- Blurring the background 28- Blurring the background




Athentech Perfectly Clear 1.7.1 For Photoshop (32- 64 Bit) [Chin Serial Key Keygen

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